1. Nordic Summer - Rasmus F. Dale

    Couple of photos from Copenhagen hangout and some from the 400 kilometer long fixed-gear bike trip Iver and I did. The trip will be published in “Nordic Summer”, a self made magazine, which a friend of mine is working on. I’m looking forward to see my “work” on print.

  2. Life - Rasmus F. Dale

    Hangout with friends at a local lake, Oppsjø. Good times.

  3. Upload from my phone. Lots of photos comming when I go back home in a week.

  4. I’m gone on a bike trip, followed by a week on Slottsfjell (a music festival). The photos from the trip will hopefully be published in a self made magazine named “Nordic Summer”. So thats something to look forward to. More photos in three weeks, thats what I’m trying to say.

  5. Prepping the tent for new adventures.

  6. My sister in Bergen. Went through the photos from when I was there this “winter”, and realized I forgot to post the best once. Btw. go check her food-blogg at http://happyfoodstories.blogspot.no/


  9. 2 hours at the local skatepark, filming some 4:3. bæm!

    Song: Stockhaus & Vilde Tuv - Svømmebasseng

    "Trained professionals" : Sindre Fladvad, Iver Håkonsen & Rasmus F. Dale

    Chopped by: Rasmus F. Dale