1. NYC Day 2&3 - Rasmus F. Dale

  5. Rasmus F. Dale

    Sent all my photos to my friend in Switzerland who is working on the magazine. This one didn’t make the “cut”. still good vibes

  6. Rasmus F. Dale - Iver

    i just want to skate…

  7. Rasmus F. Dale - Sindre

    Feels like summer is already over. And here I am with my broken foot… Good timing?


  8. Well, my foot is broken.. So I need to stay still for a while. This means not so many photos the coming week/s.

  9. Rasmus F. Dale

    Skate-life is good life, am I right? Most of the time, yes! Andreas hurt his foot, and later the same day I hurt mine too. Hope it’s not broken.. 

  10. Rasmus F. Dale

    Looking forward to go down to the post office, and pick up more of these as time goes by.

  11. My friends went to Berlin this summer to skate the city. They sent me some clips and I edited them together to this piece of video. Enjoy!

  12. Rasmus F. Dale
    My friend Frederik took a lot of photos on film when we were at “Slottsfjell”, they turned out looking so good!

  14. Rasmus F. Dale

    Had to camp in a random field we found behind a school. In Denmark your not really aloud to put your tent up anywhere you want, you need to go to an assigned camp-spot. Without any camp-spots near by, we did what we had to.