1. blwf:

    I grew up in east county San Diego, a place void of seasons. Most people consider it to have the best weather in the world. I beg to differ, the monotonous consistency was incredibly uninspiring. I live in the Pacific Northwest now, arguably some of the worst weather in the world. But the feeling I get at the start of each season is hard to describe, the other day I felt powerful sun on my skin for the first time in months and it gave me a crazy lust for days at the beach or beside a winding river.

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  6. Life In Bergen - Rasmus F Dale

  7. Wow

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  8. van-life:

    A 2002 Bluebird with a Vanagon on top of it.  Post on A Restless Transplant with more info. 

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  10. My father and his friend biking through Germany. Found these photos on an external H.D just now. 

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  12. Some serious dancing & drinking.

  13. Rasmus F. Dale

    Skate session last night. It was a blast!

  15. Shot By: Rasmus F. Dale

    Soooo much fun capturing moments with the 6D!